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quality act that are listed within the draft 309 motion. as i mentionedth previously, the zoning administrator would need to grant the variances requested. i should note that the project will not cast any shadows on any park property subject to 25, therefore no action is needed in this particular area as was incorrectly stated in the report. so, in conclusion, staff recommends support of the project because the project creates substantial housing opportunities, meets the goals and objective of the transit center district plan, concentrate dense development near the future transit center and high level transit service, with intense and walkable urban context. the project will generate substantial revenues contribute to the development of infrastructure envisioned by the plan. the height of the project is as proposed in the transit center district plan contributing within the larger context of a newly sculpted downtown skyline created by the new zone heights. project meets all applicable requirements to the code aside from the exceptions being requested under 309 and the two set of variances.
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staff recommends that the commission make a specified findings to approve this project. thank you. i'm available for any questions you might have. >> thank you. project sponsor, please. good afternoon, commissioners. thank you very much for allowing us to present this afternoon. my name is bob tanedler. it is my pleasure to be before you to introduce the tehama [speaker not understood]. architect our landscape architect from cmg landscape architecture, isabelle wade has helped us plan our plaza and open space integration. brad paul has helped drive our community outreach. wane hu has helped us understand the economic benefits of the project to the city and county of san francisco. sam louder has acted a senior [speaker not understood] and guided us through government interaction and make sure i don't embarrass myself up here
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today. susan yogi and david from acom have handled environmental review brilliantly and andrew junius is our esteemed counsel. all of our team is here to answer questions you may have. last and certainly but not least, i would like to introduce my life and business partner, my wife [speaker not understood] who will put it in historical context for you. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is valerie [speaker not understood]. my roots go back to the 1960s when i would come down to work at my parents' a pale business which is right around the corner from this site. later on in the 1980s and in the 1990s when i ran the family apparel business, this site was used as the parking lot for all of our employees. and since most of our employees are now in the apparel business
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and women often worked late, i remember that for safety concerns we always needed to have a guard escort them to the parking lot. and i can sure say times have changed. today we are here to present our beautiful 31-story residential high-rise designed by architect tonica and our plaza west of the building designed by cmg landscape architects. we are really very excited to be part of the remarkable transformation occurring in this neighborhood. and if i could ask you -- this picture you've already seen. here's the view on this slide. and you can see our site. and i don't have a pointer, i'm sorry, there it is. the plaza, and it is the gateway to the oscar park. and i particularly like this
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next slide because part of oscar park is under the freeway and the bus ramps. and, so, it really gives a sense as to this slide how large oscar park is and the prominence of our plaza within the entire scheme. and truly never could i have imagined that such an urban oasis would surround our building. we're really very pleased that we've been able to work with both city planning and a successor agency to the redevelopment agency to take our plaza and integrate it into the overall design oscar park. and now i'd like to turn the mic over to bernardo [speaker not understood] to talk about our beautiful tower. >> thank you. as you've seen in the plans that you have in froth of you, this is a pretty difficult site because it's quite narrow. yet it is quite long and it
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allows us to provide an adequate footprint for a residential building, and in addition to leave open space to create the plaza that valerie just talked to you about because that plaza is what makes oscar park visible from the street. it provides the window and the gateway into the park and makes it evident. otherwise, it would have a very narrow section or corridor like section that would have connected it to tehama street. accordingly, the building is pushed to the right of the screen as you see it. and it is adjacent to other buildings, but it is also carefully positioned so that as you arrive on the ramp into san francisco, it doesn't block the vista into the skyline of the transbay terminal. it is -- i'll take you through
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the organization of the building from the ground level. and this shows you how we have, beginning from the right to the left, you see the portion of plaza that is -- oops, sorry. that is integrated into oscar park and that has been the design and content of it are coincidental to the purpose of what happens inside. you see that at the corner of the park and the plaza there is an art space and there is a small retail space at the corner of the street in the park. and from the street you see a series of active uses including the lobby in the main management office for the building and the mail room. and concealed behind glass, printed glass doors is the
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loading area. we have access to the park which is hidden behind everything i described so it is not visible from the street. we have a flat resting space before you arrive to the street where cars can be delivered or picked up as part of the arrangement with the parking portion that is below. we also have two bicycle storage areas that can be entered directly from a bike path, a bike lane along oscar park or from the street as well, but they do not have to make it through the lobbies or the internal spaces of the building. here you can see the picture today. the parking lot that was so well described in its old days by valley, and where the site will occur.
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note the distance the elevated ramp coming down into the city pass part of the oscar park redevelopment into a nicer usable open space along the linear south. here we show you the openness that will instead occur. you can see the sculpture plaza that connects the street into the park and the building that follows the edge of the street with its active uses along the ground plain and transparency of the tower that rises above the retail podium. you can see it also position here as you drive into san francisco. and what i meant that by pushing it enough to the left, it allows you to see the skyline of the transbay tower and become part of the other
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buildings that are continuing the access of arrival into san francisco. you can see also how the slab is divided into five zones as it moves up and down in its profile along the long facade and breaks it up into various components. here you can see the composition of the skin with its very [speaker not understood] of slab that change from charcoal to silver and back to charcoal and with intermediate colors that give that movement of that undulating s shape that takes you from the ground to the sky, back to the ground and back to the sky. and that allows us to create at the top a roof terrace that over looks downtown san francisco. a roof terrace is connected to the public space for the residents. the composition on the side of the highway begins higher up for obvious reasons so they can be read from the highway elevation. while it is much lower into the
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scale of the street on the portion facing tehama. this is some of the treatment of the ground floor. you see the gateway that leads into the garage portion and the loading area that is properly concealed from the street with a printed glass door. and the balance of the glass spaces along the street provide transparency into the internal uses. and along the park, the green wall that separates the ramp and the access for the bikes and the arrival area into the ramps, that would line the side facing, the highway in oscar park. and these are the end elevations, you can see here the arrival portion into the building with that very tall space and airy space where cars are picked up and delivered. and lastly, i'd like to point out that from the checklist
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that you see on the screen, this building will be gold certified. it has many of the components, if not all required to achieve that certification. thank you very much. >> as bob mentioned earlier, we've been fortunate also to work with isabelle wade on the visioning of our plaza and she will be available for questions if you have any. in order to fully integrate and activate our plaza into the overall oscar park plan, we've retained scott katoffa, the landscape architect for oscar park to also be the landscape architect for our plaza. i'm very please today turn over the mic to steve so he can describe our plaza that will become the gateway to oscar park. >> thank you, valley, thank
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you, commissioners. as valley mentioned, we're very pleased torque would betion for both the successor agency on oscar park as well as the realty on this important little plaza that is stitching those two spaces together and expanding the possibilities of oscar park, which as you can see from the images is a pretty constrained open space with the overhead ramp and the division of the streets in between. the oscar park is the area shown this pink here and it is situated within sort of walkable open spaces in burgeoning san francisco neighborhood. it is divided up by several streets. tehama plaza is identified here in white. and you can see the division of the streets as well asedth topography and overhead ramps create a series of sort of separate rooms and we are programming them differently based on those site constraints and individual characteristics. in addition, because of the
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type of location it is, we are highly programming the park with lots of activities that will bring people to the site throughout the day, throughout the evening, throughout the year so there are lots of eyes on the park and lots of activities. the program is focusing on rec space, which is sort of lacking in the neighborhood. there's a lot of new parks that are coming online as part of the redevelopment project, but they're more sort of pleasure ground similar to the atlantic [speaker not understood] gardens. this is about play grounds and court sports and other kinds of activities. this diagram shows the park's connection and the plaza's connection to the park circulation. we have a dedicated class 1 bike lane that runs north-south connecting the rincon hill neighborhood with the new transit senterra long the west side of the park that's located shown in blue. we also have a dedicated pedestrian accessible root, a strong connection for people to get to the transit center. * route
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in addition we have circuitous links to the park spaces. i'd like to quickly zoom in on our plaza space. we have designed the plaza to be very open to allow for [speaker not understood] to move through so the ground floor retail and cultural spaces of the building can be easily accessed not only from tehama street but from oscar park. people can move easily through the space. we also set up a zone where tables and chairs can spill out from that ground floor retail space and activate the plaza as well as places where performances and some of the public gallery spaces that the client is interested in having can also be accommodated in the plaza design. as you can imagine, this site has constraints about sun exposure. we've done a lot of mapping to locate program. i understand how and where planting can occur. one of the great things about the plaza, it's one of our sunniest spots within the park.
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and this image is shown from the mid-block crossing that connects the circulation that sort of northwest, north-south pedestrian bicycle connections through oscar park. it's a really terrific sort of aperture of the building that opens up into the park. you can see the new bus ramp turn around in the middle distance as well as the 80 fremont ramp in the far distance. and the percent for art piece, this is a representation, we worked with the arts commission to identify something in particular here, but it sort of is a marker and icon in the space. the plaza itself as i mentioned is quite flexible and simple. there are some dedicated seating spaces that are multi-sided so that the users can integrate with the plaza as well as with the park. we have a play space nearby that is intended to be engaged. another view looking from tehama space across the plaza.
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>> commissioners, we want to be rerespectful of your time. we're going over a couple minutes. if i can put the video back up for just a moment. briefly stated you can see some slides on the economic contribution of this project to the city and county of san francisco [speaker not understood] $6 million. taxes between 18 and $38 million on an annualized basis for 10 years whether it's a rental or for sale. i'm going to go through these very, very quickly. i think you probably are a little more interested in learning about the community outreach we've done. we have done a considerable effort with brad paul helping us to meet with a number of neighborhood groups. i'm going so hand jason, if i may, a stack of support letters from groups and individuals we've met with, organizations represented on the slide. finally, kevin did a good job describing our art program which will be in the alternative of meeting the $1 million art project or providing programmatic for the art space.
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thank you for your time. that is our present aches. apologize for taking too much time. >> thank you. we might have questions for you, so, thank you. opening it up for public comment. i do have some speaker cards and i'll call some names. mark shelly. michael terrio. tony rodriguez, danny campbell. and if you'd like to speak on this item, you can fill out a card as well. mark said to go first. so, mike [speaker not understood] construction trades council. you have a crowd waiting on the next item. we're excited by this project. it is dramatic from a distance yet at the same time pays close attention to the street. you've heard how close attention they're paying to the ties adjacent to oscar park. we are excited also because it contributes in a virginia vet right of ways to the transbay transit district both directly through the fees the project sponsor just showed you, but also in fulfilling its goal of
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residential density, close to transit. * variety we consider it [speaker not understood] to the economic [speaker not understood] of the city. although work is good for us right now, we'd like it frankly to continue that way. so, we ask you to approve the project. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> excuse me, for those of you standing in front of the doorways, i'm going to ask you to line up on the other side of the room or find a seat. there are a few empty seats still available. for speakers to line up on either side of the room, yes, please, and to avoid blockinging the doors, thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for your time. thank you for allowing us to speak. my name is tony rodriguez. i represent local 4 83, fire sprinkling union, i'm also a resident and native of san francisco. if this project goes forward it would create a lot of work for our members. in addition, i would say like mike said. this project would be part of the transbay district.
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it would generate fees for the transbay terminal. it fits the needs of the community. it's a good fit. it's a good project. and we would hope that you would move along -- move the project forward. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is mark shelly, i'm a business representative for district council 16, glazers local 17. this project as you could tell is going to be very good to the skyline in adding features to it and it will be a lot of work for our members and our contractors. please consider it. thank you. >> thank you. [speaker not understood], with san francisco tomorrow. a commendable worthy design, well thought out project. the issue i wish to raise is environmental quality. that not to add to the developer's cost which is commendable, but that the city
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share an impact required by state law with regard to c-e-q-a that has not been adequately presented. this is a question of cumulative development. all development occurring in the central city and around this project which the city lacks the mitigation resources and implementation to affect you with the full impact. i remind you, this is a city. we're between 80 and 90% of all residents and not the port to buy or represent in the city. this is a city-wide concern and it is an area concern. i haven't heard this addressed. >> thank you. good afternoon, tim colin on behalf of the san francisco housing action coalition and on behalf of our 70 something members. this project was presented to us earlier in the year and to make its a brief as possible, we loved it.
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it's right in our sweet spot. the urbanism, fantastic, on-site affordable housing. enormous amount of bicycle parking. it is a strong and welcome addition to this evolving neighborhood. i think the benefits of this project are so obvious and so overwhelming i'm not sure exactly why i'm here except i fear physical violence from bob if i don't express these views. [laughter] i don't think you should hesitate a second before approving this project. it's wonderful. good afternoon, commissioners, danny campbell with the sheet workers local 104. and i echo that gentleman. this is going to be a great benefit to the community. you know, the open spaces that i saw, there's really exciting. the planner mr. guy said, it meets the goals of the transbay plan. you know, there are wonderful economic benefits with the fees it's going to bring the city. i think this is a great project
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so we look forward to your support. thank you. >> any additional public comment on this item? good afternoon, commissioners, sue vaughan. i came in part way through the presentation on this project. i don't know all the details, but i did read the article in the paper today and saw that there are several levels of parking that are going along with the project. this is not a transit oriented project. we just -- we all just saw what happened in new york city and on the eastern coast of new jersey because of global warming. we need to get rid of so much parking. this is excessive parking. i'm concerned about the levels of affordability in the building. i don't know what they are. are the units affordable, but i can speak more specifically to the parking. are there levels of parking underground, uh-uh, that's got to go. thank you. >> is there additional public
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comment on this item? okay, seeing none, the public comment portion is closed. opening up to commissioners. commissioner antonini. >> i think this is an excellent project for a lot of reasons that have already been brought up. pointed out the siting in such a way to allow access to oscar park, allow light and air into a whole area of the city. i think that's extremely well done. there was one comment made by a commenter that they don't see the cumulative appearance, but architect has done a very good job of our materials put on the screen and showing what the skyline would look like with all the buildings in place that are those that we know of are either already entitled or are planned to be entitled in the future. and i think that answers a lot of the questions about what the cumulative effect of all the buildings in the area will be.
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so, i think this is a wonderful project and there will probably be in other commissioners with some comments, but i'm happy to move approval for the 309 compliance, which i believe is what's before us. >> is that a motion? >> that is a motion. >> i'll second. >> commissioner sugaya. >> well, never mind. >> commissioner moore. >> i think it's an exceptional building. it shows that an architect really understands residential expectations for the new emerging district around the transit center. early on, it's quite a few years ago, we took on [speaker not understood] on residential expression. i think this building captures the nuances and the subtlies of what can be done. so, i'm really happy, whatever you want to comment on this. it is an incredibly wise choice by the developer to create a comprehensive open space design and hire the redevelopment
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landscape architect so it's not just an open space, but part of a network. i think it makes this project exceptional given the open spaces which are all residual little segmentments are fragmented together unless you have somebody who designed it with one stroke. we have that great opportunity and i thought the presentation was exceptional because it spoke about the different experiences, the different conditions under which these spaces all address different needs and all respond to settings of light, shadow, proximity, or even under the freeway. and i think that it was very, very strong feature of this particular design. i am not as much concerned about the exceptions which will not be part of the commission's decision, but i do think that tower separation might not be an issue here partially because we don't have the likelihood of adorning towers or the freeways
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fall apart in the future, which is a nice idea, but it's unlikely to happen in our lifetime. so, i am strongly supportive of the project. >> commissioner borden. >> yeah, i would just -- want to agree with everything commissioner moore said. she pretty much took my comments out of my mouth. i just wanted to add for the benefit of the public that this project required to have on-site affordability so there would be 49 affordable units. this is also a project that is part of the transit center development plan so the fees from this project actually fund all of the different improvements that we want in that region related to creating the transit center district and the open space, other affordable housing, et cetera. so, it's not a singular project, being considered as part of a whole. i just wanted the benefit of the audience you to know that. there was an e-i-r done for this entire area to look at the cumulative impacts of these individual projects that we're approving. so, it's not as if this project
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wasn't considered as part of a whole. it was part of a larger plan to densify this part of the city. more parking than many people might like. it is compliant and a reduction of what we have had in our code for parking. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks. i'm also supportive. i wanted to clarify with staff what we needed to put in the motion. you said [speaker not understood]. >> yes, thank you very much, commissioners. -- commissioner. there were two conditions included in the draft motion that should not have been. the reference is to open space required under section 138, which is, you know, shorthand what you would think of as the publicly accessible private open space that is associated with an office project. that is not applicable here. the only technically the only requirement here that is being met in part by the plaza is for a 20 foot wide connection
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between tehama and oscar park. it just happens that 25-foot wide pathway if you will happens to be occurring in the context of a larger plaza being offered by the project sponsor. technically that area is not required open space. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah, also, mr. guy, i think we have an errata sheet also. there was a mention of a shadow that does not exist with this project. has that already been incorporated in here? >> there is no errata sheet necessarily and there is nothing in the motion about that. it was just something in the executive summary that was boilerplate [speaker not understood]. that was a reference to shadows being cast. there are no shadows being cast in section 295 parks of the project. >> right, that's not in the motion. we don't need to correct something -- [multiple voices] >> thank you. >> commissioners, there is a motion and a second before you
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to approve with conditions as amended by staff. commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> and read into the record. commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden in >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong in >> congratulations aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously. zoning administrator? >> on the variance public hearing being closed, [speaker not understood] the size and phone figure raytion of the lot as justification for the variance. >> okay, next item. >> commissioners, at this time you'll be moving to your 3 o'clock calendar. item 21, for case no. 2012.1329u, the commission will consider a proposed ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code chapter 31 to reflect revisions in the california environmental quality act and to update and clarify certain procedures provided for in chapter 31.